The Latest Animation Format

provides high performance animation play experience

SVGA is compatible with iOS / Android / Flutter / Web.


Friendly to the Developer

The convenient SDK enables SVGA to run on different platforms. The integration step is easy and easy.

Friendly to the Designer

Designers can use After Effects or Animate(Flash) for animation design, and SVGA can support most of them. Animation files can be converted to SVGA file by using the tools.


The smaller animation files, the higher performance animation play will provide, the more realistic animation effects will be.


Integration Guide

You can easily introduce SVGA player and play SVGA source file in iOS / Android / Flutter / Web by Docs.


You can easily convert the aep or fla animation source file into SVGA resource files by Tools.

Open Source

The converter and players are open source and you're welcome to submit your work


If any problem, it's welcome to openissue